The Knowledge: Incredible Internet

First there were a load of boffins who got excited about their network of nodes. Then along came a superboffin who spun his network into a web. Now millions of people are logging on each day. Come on a cyberspace safari to find out how it all works! From snazzy social networking sites to foul online fraudsters, step into the world wide web, and discover sites and bytes you didn’t even know existed. PLUS – find out if you’re a nerd, a webaholic or a newbie in the cybertrivia challenge!

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    Michael Cox

    Michael Cox is a favourite Scholastic non-fiction author, and has written numerous titles in the Top Ten, Dead Famous and The Knowledge series. He lives near Newark, Nottinghamshire. Horror is his speciality…

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    Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award for Fintan Fedora.

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