The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

A classic winter must-read. Enter the magical world of Narnia, full of wonder and menace… When Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan step through an enchanted wardrobe door, they walk into a sparkling winter world. It’s a place of dazzling snow and fabulous creatures: centaurs, fauns, nymphs and talking animals. But as the children marvel at Narnia’s winter wonderland, they are caught up in a terrifying battle for survival… Open the enchanted wardrobe door and lose yourself in the magic of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s spellbinding fantasy classic.

“The magic of C. S. Lewis’s parallel universe never fades.” The Times

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  • I loved reading this, though it had too much detail.

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    This book is very exciting. I think that Lucy is very brave to go to Narnia. I loved it!

    7 March 2014

  • Its horrible how Edward betrays Peter and the others.

    7 March 2014

  • I was thrilled when I read this book because of the imagical things it ha instore for me.

    18 January 2014

  • liked it

    I really love this book. Classics are my favourite. It’s a really descriptive story and it’s really magical and enchanting.

    31 December 2013

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  • Awards

    C.S. Lewis won the Carnegie Medal in 1956 for The Last Battle.

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