The Pony-Mad Princess: Princess Ellie to the Rescue

Princess Ellie is mad about ponies! And she’s fed up with being a princess! She hates soppy pink dresses and boring waving lessons. She’d much rather be riding one of her four gorgeous ponies, or even mucking out the royal stables. But someone is spying on her – a mysterious stranger who doesn’t want to be seen. Then disaster strikes: Ellie’s beloved pony, Sundance, goes missing! Ellie is sure the strange girl in the woods must be to blame. Can she solve the mystery, and rescue Sundance before it’s too late?

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  • I thought this book was really good. maybe for younger ages though

    8 August 2015

  • liked it

    this book really helped me develop good english skills; i loved this book as a child

    6 March 2014

  • loved it

    I used to read this book when I was little and It was soooooo good.

    2 March 2012

  • loved it

    It’s funny how Ellie doesn’t like being a princess! I’m crazy about ponies too and I really like all the little pony drawings inside this book.

    Kate, aged 6

    31 May 2011

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