The Ring of Five

Danny Caulfield has all the abilities of a perfect spy – including the ability to betray.

The Ring of Five, ruthless leaders of the Lower World, are growing stronger. Wilsons Spy Academy is the only force left protecting the Upper World, and its power is fading. They must find a spy to infiltrate the Ring: one who has the mark of the fifth, one who has treachery written on his heart. Danny is that person… On his way to boarding school, Danny is taken instead to the mysterious Academy. A school where some students have otherwordly talents – and where somebody is trying to murder him! It turns out that Danny is destined for a terrifying mission: to reach the Lower World and infiltrate the Ring. As he embarks on his training, he vows to become a brilliant spy, and to keep his new school friends, with their exceptional gifts. But he soon discovers that he can trust no one, not even himself…

Praise for the author:

“A riveting tale of good and evil” The New York Times on The Navigator

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  • Awards

    Eoin McNamee was awarded the Macauley Fellowship for Irish Literature in 1990.

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