Totally: Riotous Robots

First they were a figment of the imagination; now they do housework and perform brain surgery. Robots are taking over the world! From underwater exploration to space travel, these metallic marvels are getting the most exciting jobs on the planet. But life as a robot isn’t always a riot! Just read on to meet the foul factory robots who are replacing people, the poor old robot forced to snack on slugs, and the robo-alligator who works as a scarecrow. And learn to tell your cyborgs from your cyberpets, into the bargain!

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    For all robot fans this book is good

    7 March 2014

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  • Dr Mike Goldsmith

    Dr Mike Goldsmith is a qualified astro-physicist, working at the National Physical Laboratory. His book on Einstein in the Dead Famous series was shortlisted for the 2002 Aventis junior prize for science writing and he has written Scientists and Inventors in the same series.

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