Two Weeks with the Queen

The funniest and saddest book about cancer you’ve ever read. Have your hankie ready: you’ll need it on two counts. Colin Mudford is on a quest. He needs to see the Queen about his sick brother. Luke has cancer, and the doctors in Australia don’t seem to be able to cure him. Now Colin has been sent to London to stay with his Aunty Iris. And while he’s there, he needs to find the best doctor in the world. So he’s starting at the top. He’ll ask the Queen for help. Because if she can’t save Luke, no one can.

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  • Photo of Morris Gleitzman

    Morris Gleitzman

    One of Australia’s, and now the world’s, best-known and loved children’s authors, Morris Gleitzman tackles tough subjects in a funny and offbeat way. He has never set out to write “issues books” and says that his writing is as much for himself as for his readers.


    Morris has won many awards in Australia, including the YABBA award for Bumface and Toad Rage, and won the 2013 Redbridge Book Award for After.

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