Voyage Across the Cosmos

Thought only Doctor Who could visit the edge of time and space? Travel 13.7 billion light years and be amazed! Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for the ultimate intergalactic voyage. Starting at planet Earth, you will shoot over 130 billion trillion kilometres across the solar system and Milky Way, travelling through deep space to the very outer edge of the Universe. You will encounter raging planets and their deadly atmospheres, icy moons that may support life, and immense, silent asteroids spinning through the vacuum of space.

Witness the fiery births and deaths of stars, feel the awesome gravitational grip of black holes, and investigate the mysteries of dark matter. As you explore the ancient secrets of the cosmos, get the most up-to-date scientific information via data streams, digital readouts, atmospheric analysis and planet surface scans. This bumper-size book of stunning facts and photos gives you an astronaut’s view of outer space.

“One of the most striking books about space I’ve seen… Highly recommended” Michael Thorn, Achuka

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