You're a Bad Man, Mr Gum!

Mr Gum is a truly nasty old man. He’s absolutely grimsters. But this book is not just about him. There is also a little girl called Polly, an evil butcher, heroes and sweets – and Jake the dog, who must be saved from terrible, terrible evil! Meet a hilarious anti-hero, awful Mr Gum, in the hit comedy which has taken the world by storm. Everyone says he’s the funniest thing since Roald Dahl – so don’t hang about! Read this and judge for yourself!

Winner of the Red House Children’s Book Award.

Praise for the Mr Gum series:

“Quirky, odd and deliciously funny.” Sophie Dahl

“Smooky palooki! This book is well brilliant!” Jeremy Strong

“A wickedly entertaining story.” Bookseller

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  • loved it

    This is the best mr gum book ever I like it when the fairy wacks him with a frying pan

    8 March 2014

  • liked it

    Thumbs up for this book

    6 March 2014

  • liked it

    I love the mr gum stories very funny but some very tricky words occasionally though.

    5 March 2014

  • This book is very funty. It is a mittersy if anyone doesn’t like it. One of the funniest books I have ever read. You HAVE to read it. If you don’t like it you are either Krusty the Clown or need a sense of humour transplant.

    5 March 2014

  • Very funny

    4 March 2014

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  • Photo of Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton is author of the hilarious Mr Gum books. He’s won loads of awards, especially those voted for by children.


    Andy has won the Blue Peter, Red House and Richard & Judy awards for You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum, and the Blue Peter Award and Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear.

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