Spy Dog Unleashed!

Red alert! Spy dog Lara is about to face her biggest challenge yet. Her arch-enemy, evil Mr Big, has escaped from prison and he’s back at large! Not only does he want to frame Lara and land her in BIG trouble, but he’s also got his evil eye on the Millennium Diamond. It’s the world’s most precious jewel – and it’s about to go walkies. It’s lucky that Spy Dog is hot on its tail… The third thrilling adventure starring marvellous mutt Lara, the spy who can woof!

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    Andrew Cope

    Andrew Cope is the author of the hugely popular Spy Dog and Spy Pups books about the highly trained secret agent dog Lara.


    Andrew Cope has won several awards for his Spy Dog series, especially those voted for by children. These include the Richard & Judy prize, Red House award, and Nottingham and Doncaster Children’s Book Prizes.

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