The Return of the Killer Cat

“Okay, okay. So slap my teensy little paws. I messed up – big time.”

Tuffy can’t wait for Ellie’s family to go away on holiday. A week of freedom lies ahead – if only he can escape the catsitter. But things go terribly wrong when Tuffy is catapulted into the arms of sweet-as-pie neighbour Melanie, who has always longed for a cuddly ickle pussykins. Dressed up in baby clothes, drinking cream and pampered like a pussycat, Tuffy soon loses all his dignity. Has our cruel Killer Cat really gone for good? Or can he use his killer instincts to strike back?

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    The killer cat is overjoyed to hear that his family are going away for a week. But the person chosen to catsit him is reverend barnham! Will he survive the lumpy, two day old catfood he’s fed! I would recommend these books to 6-10 year olds

    7 March 2013

  • liked it

    at the beggineng the cat messed up.fella huged the cat becase fella was going somewhere. at the end he sat on the floor comfotbley.

    in ANNE FINE the return of killer cat, in chapter 2 it is like the cat is a little bit mean and he was hungry at the end

    in chapter 3 bella was a littile bit weird because she sang beooooooooooooooooooo-ootiful dreeeeamer and tiger sang orleeeeeeeee-eeeans. in the middle he was cheeky.

    in chapter 9 in the middle he was embarresed. in the end he was so ennoyed so he fightied whith everyone.

    in chapetter 10 mealine said thats not a cat thats a pig.

    the charecters are mealine,tiger and fella.

    26 February 2013

  • loved it

    I am DYING to read this

    10 April 2012

  • loved it


    24 July 2010

  • loved it

    ‘Return of the Killer Cat’ is the sequel to ‘Diary of the Killer Cat’. Another book full of laughs to split your sides. A good read.

    8 February 2009

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